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               Zuvo - Charcoal Water Purator™Model ZPS120



A drinking water filter system, the Zuvo Water Purator goes beyond simple filtration 
to catalyze ozone by ultraviolet light, destroying contaminants while infusing the water 
with fresh oxygen.

This breakthrough process was awarded a contract from the U.S. Department 
of Homeland Security to explore the development of chemical-free municipal water treatment systems.

All tap water in America contains levels of synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, 
parasites and/or chlorination by-products that pose health risks. If we don’t filter out these contaminants prior to consumption, we force our bodies to become the filters.

Many have switched to bottled water under the false assumption that its purity is assured to be better than that of tap water. The truth is that bottled water is only required to be “as good as” tap water, not better.

Using the right home water treatment system is a great way to ensure the health 
of your family. There are many different types of systems on the market today and 
it can be confusing choosing between one and another. A water treatment system 
should reduce the level of contaminants in your water and enhance its natural taste while preserving the essential minerals. It should do so cost-effectively on an on-going basis.

Patented 5-step UV/Ozone/Filtration Process

Zuvo has developed a unique, patented 5-step drinking water improvement process called “puration”, which brings you healthy, fresh tasting water at a value price. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Ozonation
Using a special UV lamp, the Zuvo Water Purator™ produces ozone, one of the most powerful oxidants known to destroy contaminants. This ozone mixes with incoming tap water, oxidizing contaminants while leaving no chemical residue to affect the taste and freshness of your drinking water.

Step 2: UV Light Exposure
Zuvo’s patented design also uses the energy of the UV lamp’s germicidal wavelength 
to disinfect bacteria and microbes and improve the safety and quality of tap water.

Step 3: Photo-Oxidation
Photo-oxidation, a process unique to Zuvo, combines ozone and UV and truly sets 
the Zuvo Water Purator apart. This process occurs within a compact space, when 
UV energy “catalyzes” ozone, producing an even more rapid and effective disinfection reaction that is capable of reducing many times more bacteria and microbes than either ozone, UV or other types of filtration alone.

Step 4: Activated Carbon Filtration
A high-performance, 2-micron carbon block filter effectively reduces dissolved lead, chlorine, and microscopic organisms like the disease-causing cysts cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Step 5: Dual-Pass UV
As a final protection against microbial contamination, treated water in the Zuvo Water Purator is exposed a second time to the same high-intensity germicidal UV energy before flowing out of the system.

Zuvo is committed to providing safer, cleaner, better-tasting water right from the tap. 
So go ahead, drink to your health!

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