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Providing green and sustainable website hosting. 

Sustainable Hosting purchases 40,000 kilowatt hours worth of Green-e certified renewable energy certificates annually to offset the energy used by the network of servers and supporting infrastructure, as well as all company travel. Our offices use 100% renewable energy where available, others are included in our carbon offsets. Over the course of one year, these certificates prevent the emission of 51,000 pounds of CO2. This is equivalent to the carbon sequestration power of 20 acres of trees.

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What is Sustainable Hosting?

The environmental and social impacts of the information technology industry are far reaching and profound. 
Until we have 100% recyclable and compostable computers, truly sustainable web hosting will not be possible.  We are striving toward an ideal that has yet to be realized. This ideal will only be realized when the global community insists on doing things better, and ardently supports new and continuing improvements with their monetary votes. Your support helps us to support values based vendors and renewable energy providers. 

Thank you for the privilege of taking steps on your behalf toward the ideal that is Sustainable Hosting.

Features Lite Basic Professional Developer Dedicated
Monthly Price $10 $15 $25 $40 Starting at $100*
Yearly Price (2 months free!)


$150 $250 $400 n/a
One Time Setup Fee $25
$25 $25 $25 $100*
Storage 250mb 500mb 2,000mb 5,000mb Starting at 80gb
Monthly Transfer 3,000mb
5,000mb 10,000mb 20,000mb Starting at 1200gb
Domains Allowed 1 1 5 15 unlimited
Email Accounts 5 5 15 25 unlimited
Databases 0 3 5 10 unlimited
Spam Protection
H-Sphere Control Panel
Website Statistics
24/7 Help Ticket Support
Emergency Phone Support 0  

* Dedicated pricing reflects unmanaged hosting prices.
Managed hosting starts at $180/mo + $200 setup. Email or call for details!

Lite Hosting
250mb Storage
3,000mb Monthly Transfer
$10 per month $25 setup fee

Basic Hosting
500mb Storage
5,000mb Monthly Transfer
$15 per month ($150/yr) $25 setup fee

Professional Hosting
2,000mb Storage
10,000mb Monthly Transfer
$25 per month ($250/yr) $25 setup fee

Developer Hosting
5,000mb Storage
20,000mb Monthly Transfer
$40 per month ($400/yr) $25 setup fee

Dedicated Hosting
* We have a variety of dedicated hosting solutions available.
with your detailed system requirements for a custom quote!

Additional Storage & Bandwidth
$5/mo ($50/yr) per 500mb additional storage
$5/mo ($50/yr) per 10,000mb additional transfer

Additional Domains
$2/mo ($20/yr) each additional domain

Dedicated IP Address
$5/mo ($50/yr) each dedicated IP

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