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Providing concrete water sealing services. 

Offering a new water sealing technology. This waterproofing technology is superior to any product available on the market today. Seals leaks when water is present, in fact it is preferred. No need to wait for dry conditions. The results are guaranteed and will outlast any epoxy or polyurethane.

The process has been refined over the past 35 years. The unique combination of resin and stabilizers combine to make a gel that is very versatile. Since the gel never fully hardens, it is possible to inject until all water is turned into gel or hidden pockets are filled. The process is simple. Holes are drilled to eliminate structural impact, and the resin is injected using a custom injection system. The resin reacts with the water, transforming it into a gel. Water Treatment plants, Swimming Pools, Tunnels, Elevator Pits, Parking Garages, Nuclear Power Plants, Dams, Basements, Seawalls and everything in between, have utilized this system. The setting time of the Resin can be varied from 5 seconds to over 2 hours, depending on the application.
Gel Resin
The Gel retains its elasticity, adhesion, and flexibility. It withstands distortion, movement and climate change. The Resin contains rust inhibitors that coat the steel and rebar within the concrete, permanently stopping oxidation and any further corrosion.

The custom injection system can be easily adapted to many locations. It is designed to avoid cutting into any rebar and to be minimally invasive, eliminating the need for structural reinforcement.

The procedure is most effective when a leak is present. There is no need to wait for dry conditions.

The gel is Non-Toxic, Non Flammable, Mold Resistant

Gel is very adherent and highly elastic.
Gel can withstand freezing temperatures.
Fungi, mold and bacteria will not harm resin.
Resin is non-toxic to the operator and environment
Resin can withstand concrete works and/or ground deformations.
Resin does not pollute the water table and is environmentally friendly
CGI gel has no effects on any materials in which it may come in contact.
Resin is non-toxic, (LD - 0.0039/lb of rats), non-flammable, has little odor and is gas proof.
Resin is hydrophilic. It will permanently maintain its sealing abilities when water is present.
Gel retains its remarkable elasticity, adhesion and flexibility and can easily withstand distortion, 
  movement and climate change.
Resin setting time is adjustable from a few seconds to 2 hours. An easy, on-site test indicates
  the optimum setting time for each situation.
Resin will not deteriorate in salt water, fresh water, wastewater or permanently damp environments.
Due to the resin's water-like viscosity of 1 to 3 m Pa. s, the necessary pumping pressure remains low, 
  which poses no risk of damage to existing structures.
Resin offers fluidity, easily following paths of fissures, gravel traps, poorly coated steel/rebar, badly fixed 
  "water  stops", gaps, and voids.
A small amount of corrosion-preventative, added to the resin, renders the formed gel harmless to steel 
  and guarantees a productive effect that actually halts corrosion.

This picture is typical of elevator pits. This pit was drained and sealed in less than 8 hours. A typical sized elevator pit is usually done in one day saving you the headache of having your elevator out of commission.

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