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        Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Biodegradable plastic bags and Bioplastic Bags.

Biodegradable bioplastic bags are made from the highest quality polymers, starches (biomass ingredients) and complimentary ingredients, for a more earth-friendly solution. They can be disposed of with the knowledge that 
in the landfill they will naturally biodegrade with no toxic residues.

One of the greatest banes of our modern world is the ubiquitous polyethylene, or plastic, bag. They're so popular that four out of every five bags handed out at grocery stores are plastic. These little plastic devils are rarely recycled and don't degrade in the natural environment, much less in a landfill.

We carry a wide assortment of biodegradable bags, perfect for any need. Call for pricing 1-888-594-8261

Produce Bags
Model: WFB-13
3000 bags per carton
Capacity: 20lbs
Dimensions: 12" x 20" x .79 mil

Jumbo Trellis T-Shirt Bag

Standard T-Shirt Grocery Bags
Model: WFB-04
1000 bags per carton
Capacity: 15lbs
Dimensions: 12" x 21"

Reusable Trellis Shopping Bag

Reusable Shopping Bags
Model: WFB-15
250 bags per carton
Capacity: 17.5 lbs
Dimensions: 12.75" x 16.75" x 3.5 mil

33 Gallon Commercial Trellis Trash Liner

8 Gallon Trash Bags
Model: WFB-06
500 bags per carton
Capacity: 8 gallons
Dimensions: 21.5" x 24" x .79 mil

33 Gallon Commercial Trellis Trash Liner

13 Gallon (Kitchen) Trash Bags
Model: WFB-07
500 bags per carton
Capacity: 13 gallons
Dimensions: 23.25" x 29.5" x .95 mil

39 Gallon Trellis Trash Liner

33 Gallon Trash Bags
Model: WFB-09
250 bags per carton
Capacity: 33 gallons
Dimensions: 32.5" x 39.5" 1.1 mil

39 Gallon Trellis Trash Liner

39 Gallon Trash Bags
Model: WFB-11
240 bags per carton
Capacity: 39 gallons
Dimensions: 33"x44"x1.8mil

55 Gallon Drum Trellis Trash Liner 55 Gallon Trash Bags
Model: WFB-10
200 bags per carton
Capacity: 55 gallons
Dimensions: 36" x 56" x 1.5 mil

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