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        Sanitron® - Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

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Ultraviolet light water purifiers

Sanitron® Ultraviolet Purifiers utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produces ultraviolet radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present 
in water. Economical and safe, the Sanitron® Ultraviolet Purifier offers rapid water treatment without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals - often for the lowest cost available by any means. Sanitron®
ultraviolet water purifiers produce 3 to 416 gallons per minute of purified water.

Special Features:

Stainless Steel Construction
Type 316 Stainless Steel Chamber, head and clamp are electropolished 
and passivated stainless steel for an attractive finish and dependable service.

Patented Dual Action Wiper Mechanism
Facilitates periodic cleaning of quartz sleeve without interruption of purifier 
operation. No disassembly required. Complies with U.S. Public Health Guidelines.

Removable Flanged Head
Units disassemble completely and easily in the event that repairs are necessary. 
No special tools or fixtures required. 

Drain Plug
Convenient, in-place drainage of purifier chamber.

Quick Lamp Change
Exclusive Easy-Off™ Retainer Cap enables effortless lamp 
replacement without shut down of water pressure or drainage of tank. 
No tools required.

Wiper Lock
Lock wiper mechanism in retracted position.

Sight Port Plug
Visible glow provides positive indication of germicidal lamp operation.


3gpm/180gph 3/4" NPT Lamp 05-1098R-18 Watts 19 3/8x4 5/16x8 3/16 

6gpm/360gph 3/4" NPT Lamp 05-1097R-24 Watts 25 3/8x4 5/16x8 3/16

12gpm/720gph 1" NPT Lamp 05-1343R-44 Watts 39 3/8x5 11/16x9 1/2 

20gpm/1200gph 1 1/2" NPT Lamp 05-1334R-54 Watts 49 1/2x5 11/16x9  


40gpm/2400gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-140 Watts 52 1/8x6 5/8x11 1/2


83gpm/5000gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-280 Watts 52 1/8x17x15 

166gpm/10000gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-560 Watts 52 1/8x21 1/8x34 3/4

250gpm/15000gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-840 Watts 52 1/8x21 1/8x53 3/4

333gpm/20000gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-1120 Watts 52 1/8x21 1/8x71 3/4  


40gpm/2400gph 2" NPT Lamp 05-1311R-140 Watts 52 1/8x21 1/8x90 3/4

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