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        Safecoat Sealers and Adhesives


Non toxic sealers and
adhesive for the chemically sensitive.

We offer the most comprehensive collection of high quality, high performance solutions available to preserve your health and protect 
your home or building from harsh or dangerous toxins and chemicals.       Our diverse products include all-weather sealers specially formulated 
for roofs and decks, high-moisture areas, driveways and asphalt; not         toxic carpet and tile adhesive; caulking compound to use throughout         your home or building..

Safecoat Safe Seal is a multi-use, water based, low gloss sealer for highly 
porous surfaces such as particle board, plywood, processed wood and porous concrete. Used primarily to reduce toxic out gassing: in particular, it is highly 
effective at sealing in formaldehyde out gassing from processed wood such as 
plywood, particle board and pressed wood. Safecoat Safe Seal is virtually 
odorless on application and odorless once cured.

Safecoat Hard Seal is a multi-use, clear gloss sealer especially formulated to 
provide mar resistance to both low and high porosity surfaces. Because it forms a continuous membrane when applied properly it is particularly effective at sealing in 
any pollution or toxic chemical compounds out gassing from the surface to which 
it is applied.


Safecoat MexeSeal is a low odor, waterbased, medium gloss clear sealer. It 
is suitable for use on porous interior tile or masonry surfaces where oil and water repellency are desired. It is ideal for long term protection against food, oil and water stains on residential or commercial floors. Safecoat MexeSeal is non-hazardous and non-flammable - a total replacement for high solvent content systems. 

Safecoat Penetrating WaterStop improves water resistance and repellency in a        wide variety of surfaces, including brick walls, concrete foundations, stucco, stone 
and most unglazed tile. Because Safecoat Penetrating WaterStop low odor and not toxic, it is ideal for use indoors instead of a typical high solvent content sealer; yet, it    is durable enough for use outdoors. It is particularly useful as a periodic maintenance    coat for surfaces originally treated with Safecoat WaterShield.

Safecoat WaterShield is a clear, versatile, controlled penetration water repelling sealer which provides an invisible barrier against water and resists oils, grease and similar liquids. It is fast drying, has excellent adhesion, and is easy to apply. In            addition to sealing and providing a protective barrier against water migration, it helps 
to harden, dust proof and control efflorescence in masonry surfaces. It is not toxic,        non-flammable, lead free, formaldehyde free, and does not contain surface contaminating silicones, making it a desirable coating for interior or exterior use. 
May be used on painted surfaces and may be painted over when dry. Dries clear 
and does not discolor.

Safecoat Grout Sealer is a clear, moisture resistant sealer for porous tile grout and other cementitious surfaces. It actually reacts with and becomes a part of the grout, increasing water resistance and minimizing the penetration of liquids, helping to            prevent staining and giving a wearable, washable surface. Like all Safecoat products, 
it is as safe and not toxic as possible, formaldehyde free and virtually odorless, giving off no offensive chemical fumes. Dries clear without discoloration.

Safecoat DynoSeal is a sophisticated, low odor, all weather, waterproof, vapor proof coating and sealer that remains flexible for years. It is highly resistant to flame spread and temperature change, and when cured is also highly resistant to gasoline, oil, grease, fungi, acids and alkalines. It has very low odor upon application and is odor       free once cured.

Safecoat DynoSeal Driveway/Asphalt Sealer is a low odor elastomeric sealer and top coating for asphalt surfaces. It helps to reduce the off gassing and offensive smells generated by new asphalt, while preserving and renewing existing asphalt surfaces.

Safecoat DynoFlex is a unique, water based, low odor elastomeric sealer that comes in a paste-like compound for sealing seams, joints and cracks in new and old heating and air conditioning ducts, and for repairing metal roofs and asphalt shingles. Also comes in a spray able form that can be used over Safecoat DynoSeal as a topcoat for roofs and decks.

Safecoat DynoFlex Roof Guard is a unique, water based, low odor roof coating suitable for properly primed roofs. It is mildew and water resistant and resists weather elements. DynoFlex Roof Guard has excellent bridging qualities and can be used to patch, seal and bridge hairline cracks. Excellent elongation and waterproofing qualities when applied at proper film thickness.

Safecoat Caulking Compound is a not-toxic, water-based, elastic emulsion type caulking compound designed to replace oil caulk and putty for windows, cracks and general maintenance work. It will not dry out or crack and does not release any            solvents or obnoxious odors. Safecoat Caulking Compound provides a water resistant, flexible, easy to install, non sag sealant with excellent initial and permanent adhesion. As a ready-to-use, pigmented elastomer, Safecoat Caulking Compound has thixotropic properties which enable the application to be made with ease with no stringiness and yet maintains flexibility and toughness with rapid drying characteristics. It may be applied to a variety of substrates and has high durability. Resin rich formula affords maximum bond strength.

Safecoat Almighty Adhesive is a solvent-free, environmentally safe, non-toxic,           high-performance construction adhesive for use in a wide variety of applications. 
It does not off-gas and has almost no odor, so is safe for use in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces. It exceeds all VOC and environmental regulations. Almighty Adhesive provides 500 PSI shear strength, more than enough grip for most applications.

Safecoat 3 in 1 Adhesive is a low odor, not toxic, water-based adhesive designed 
for hard composition wall and floor tiles and carpeting.



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