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        Safecoat Primers


Low odor primer for the chemically sensitive.

The best primer choice for personal health especially for the chemically sensitive. You'll breathe easier knowing that the unique formulation helps block toxic emissions from seeping into your environment. Plus, the premium quality produces beautiful results. You don't have to give up style for health. Well suited for areas in which the health of the occupants is a concern: schools, hospitals, homes, offices - anywhere people want to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals.  Safecoat primers, are the least toxic product of its type, and contains no naphtha or other aromatic solvents, and no formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, ammonia, acetone, heavy metals, crystalline silica or other carcinogenic or hazardous materials.

Safecoat Transitional Primer is a premium quality, water based, flat finish universal primer specifically formulated to solve difficult application problems without the use of toxic and malodorous chemicals. Because it has an extremely tight and efficient polymer network, it is when properly applied particularly well suited for transitioning       from existing oil based painted surfaces to water based coatings. It is when properly applied useful as a stain blocker for many of the knot holes, water soluble stains and oils, tannins and terpenes in wood which can “bleed through” to the surface upon the application of traditional water based primers.  

Safecoat New Wallboard Primecoat HPV is a premium quality, fast curing, 
flat finish primer specially formulated to provide a superior prime coat over interior surfaces such as new gypsum wallboard and textured sheetrock. It equalizes the absorption rate of topcoat paints over a variety of surfaces with different porosities, 
and helps to eliminate decorating problems over textured sheetrock and tape joints 
on wallboard. Solves finishing problems such as “telegraphing” or “joint banding” by equalizing porosity and texture, filling voids left by today’s building materials, so that top coats cover more evenly. SCS CERTIFIED - LEED QUALIFIED


AFM MetalCoat Acrylic Metal Primer is a thermoplastic acrylic emulsion primer fortified with rust inhibiting pigments. Designed for use on non-ferrous metal, iron,          steel, aluminum, galvanized and masonry. It is not recommended for copper. 
Provides a tough, flexible film, producing outstanding corrosion resistance and              excellent adhesion. May be used on interior or exterior, including marine atmospheres. Very low odor and low VOC, it is one of the least toxic metal primers available, formulated without the heavy metals and other hazardous ingredients commonly used.




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