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        Sanitaire® - Ultraviolet Mobile Room Air Sanitizer

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Ultraviolet mobile room air sanitizer

Sanitaire room air sanitizers are germicidal ultraviolet fixtures that effectively destroy airborne microbes including bacteria, mold and virus in enclosed spaces.
They can also be utilized to protect personnel, clients and patients from infection due to airborne microbes, particularly in crowded or poorly ventilated areas, and 
in situations where the risk of cross infection is high.

Sanitaire Room Air Sanitizers are the solution in healthcare facilities where communicable respiratory diseases are present and for air disinfection in offices, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, dairy plants, bakeries, methadone clinics, clean rooms, homeless shelters, prisons and jails.

Room Air Sanitizers utilize STER-L-RAY germicidal lamps which are completely enclosed within a stainless steel exposure chamber and are safe for use in every application. 

3- position power switch

Special Features:

Germicidal Lamps Genuine STER-L-RAY Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps provide the utmost in quality, sustained high output and long life.

Steadfast Lampholders are spring loaded telescopic type that facilitate convenient, easy lamp change that is quick and hassle-free.

Interlock Safety Switch
The interlock safety switch is a standard feature that disconnects power to the unit when the access panel is removed for lamp or filter replacement.

Polished Reflector
Interior chamber is polished providing a highly reflective surface to maximize ultraviolet intensity within the chamber.

Elapsed Time Indicator
Realtime, non-resettable display of accumulated operating hours.

Louvered Exhaust Panel
Protects the room’s occupants from ultraviolet exposure by restricting ultraviolet radiation from passing into the room.

Lamp Operation Indicators
Provide positive indication of germicidal lamp operation.

Stainless Steel Construction
The chamber is Type 304 stainless steel for an attractive finish, unparalleled strength and durability.

Disposable Filters

Inexpensive, disposable cardboard constructed filters used when frequent filter changes are necessary.

Differential air pressure gauge

Used to measure filter resistance by measuring the pressure differential between outside (the fixture) air and the pressure in the blower compartment.

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