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               Natural Organic Fertilizer Concentrate


Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Natural organic lawn care fertilizer with essential nutrients to promote lawn growth. the Bio based nano-technology is safe for kids, pets and the environment. Beautify your lawn and landscape with ease.

This organic fertilizer concentrate also works with the
RID System to promote healthy growth throughout your yard. The 1 gallon bottle plugs into your irrigation system and is distributed through your lawn sprinklers.

Since this fertilizer system works through your sprinklers, it evenly treats your whole yard with minimal effort. You don't have to tote around a heavy jug or strain to reach every spot. Liquid treatments are also more readily absorbed by plants.

This RID Fertilizer Concentrate has an NPK ratio of 4-2-3. That's 4 percent Nitrogen, 2 percent available Phosphate (P2-O5), and 3 percent soluble Potassium (K20). 

Technical Details:

  • Size: 1 gallon bottle
  • Coverage: 1 oz to 2oz of product (automatically mixed with 1 gallon of water) covers 1500 square feet 
  • Duration: About 1/3 of a gallon fills the RID system and covers 4 sprinkler zones at 1 minute per zone

Note: Duration and coverage may vary

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