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        Recharge Mower


Electric riding lawn mower and emission free riding lawn mower.

Recharge Mower – Model G1-RM10

That’s what the revolutionary new Riding RECHARGE MOWER™ is all about. making your lawn truly green.

With up to 3 hours of continuous operating power between charges, there is more than enough power to complete almost any residential yard and it does this with NO GAS, NO OIL, ZERO EMISSIONS and VIRTUALLY NO MAINTENANCE.

The 27” wide cutting path is designed to hit the “sweet spot” between traditional walk behind and riding models. This size also allows the Recharge Mower™ to pass through an average fence gate for convenient access to front and rear yards. The included bagger detaches easily for quick emptying and is positioned in the rear to improve maneuverability and maintain the compact size.

The Recharge Mower is virtually maintenance free and has been engineered for easy operation by almost any adult, whether physically fit or mobility challenged. To re-energize, simply plug into a standard wall outlet overnight and for only pennies you are ready to go again.


      Garden Trailer – Model GT-8

      The PERFECT companion for your Recharge Mower™
  • 300 lb capacity
  • 30" wide box size
  • Removable rear gate
  • All metal construction
  • 13" matching rims and tires
  • Easy connection with pin lock
  • Assembly Instructions Included
  • Manually operated dump release


      Lawn Roller – Model: LR-30

      Assists in producing a smooth ground surface
  • All Metal construction
  • Easy connection with pin lock
  • Fill with water or sand to add weight
  • Secure filling point helps prevent leaking
  • Easy to Assemble – Instructions Included
  • 30” wide size perfectly matched to your Recharge Mower


      Body Cover – Model FC-V1

      Protect your Recharge Mower™ from the elements.
  • Tailored to fit
  • Easy wiped clean
  • Non Tear material
  • Elastic bottom to secure into place
  • Protects your Recharge Mower™ from rain, dust and dirt


      Seat Cover – Model SC-V1

      Slips over your current seat for added padding and storage.
  • Durable construction
  • Can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Carry water bottles – garden tools – sun screen
  • Padded for a more comfortable riding experience.
  • Tailored to fit the seat of your Recharge Mower™
  • 2 mesh pocket + 1 storage packet + 1 zipper pocket

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