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       Home and residential energy audits and evaluations with eco friendly solutions.
       We work with auditors that bring 20 years of experience in energy inspections. Our auditors will show you 
       problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. During the audit, they 
       can pinpoint where your house is losing energy. We'll determine the efficiency of your home's heating and 
       cooling systems. Also showing you ways to conserve hot water and electricity.

       By now, most consumers know the basics of saving energy at home: install fluorescent light bulbs, buy 
       appliances with the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star label and seal air leaks around doors, 
       windows and pipes. Every little bit helps, right? But this scattershot approach tends to be ineffective, 
       overlooks the larger issues of home energy inefficiency and neglects the solutions which might have more 

       Today's energy professionals have at their disposal a variety of tools, techniques and methods for modeling home 
       energy usage. The science of energy efficiency is no longer limited to large industrial/commercial buildings. The 
       science and engineering have matured to the point that a single-family residence can be reliably and cost effectively 
       evaluated to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency.


        Our auditors take a "whole house" approach to energy efficiency. Utilizing the latest technology in diagnostic 
        equipment, they do a thorough test of your entire structure, from the floor to the roof. 

        Common ailments include:
Air leakage/drafts
        Duct system air leakage
        Duct system return air balance
        Absence of radiant protection
        Inadequate attic ventilation
        Inadequate attic insulation
        Hot water waste
        Window/door issues
        Excessive appliance energy consumption and more!

         The average home is actually responsible for more environmental pollution and energy loss than an automobile. 
         This results in significant amounts of money that is simply wasted over the lifespan of your home. Our auditors will 
         guide you through the process of rating your homes energy efficiency and find simple ways to help eliminate some 
         of your expense.

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