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        RainTube-Rain Gutter Protection

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Rain gutter protection

Rainwater control is essential in protecting your home and your wallet from expensive water damage caused from clogged, overflowing rain gutters. RainTube® prevents downspouts from clogging while collecting rainwater at high volumes—even through heavy debris.

RainTube® is the first system to work with any roof/gutter combination and accommodates exposure to varying levels of debris. It is made from 100% recycled HDPE, which is virtually indestructible and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Rain Tube Illustration

How RainTube Works

An Eco-Friendly Option to End Clogged Gutters Forever

The job of a rain gutter is to catch and direct water away from the home, but traditional gutters don't work     because their open design means they collect all forms of clogging debris. Once clogged, water can backup 
and overflow causing roof leaks, dry-rot, termite infestations, foundation settlement, basement flooding, land-
scape erosion, and wall and siding damage—resulting in lost value and expensive repair bills. Even when it’s 
not raining, trapped debris holds moisture, which can accelerate deterioration of the gutters. And dry debris creates a fire hazard on your roof.

The patented RainTube® material is porous and fits snugly into the your gutters, creating a barrier against the debris that typically clogs them. In most installations, RainTube® "crowns" slightly above the top of the gutter, creating a slippery aerodynamic surface that allows a natural breeze to remove most debris. Any remaining stubborn debris can be easily removed with a light brushing or blowing whenever the roof is maintained.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to protect my gutters?

Your rain gutters perform the critical task of collecting rainwater from the roof and channeling it safely away from your home. Downspouts choked with debris and leaves cause water to overflow uncontrollably and damage the roof, siding, paint, interior walls, basement and foundation resulting in expensive repairs. It can also cause flooding and landscape erosion. Weight from rain or snow in clogged gutters can loosen the mountings and brackets and eventually pull the gutters away from the structure. Debris that remains in gutters with clogged downspouts will decay into a moisture-laden slime. This layer of muck accelerates the deterioration of the gutters and creates an environment where mosquitoes, termites, 
and even vegetation can grow. Protecting your downspouts from clogging and minimizing gutter debris 
is essential to protecting your home.

How does RainTube® protect my gutters?

Put simply, RainTube® prevents debris from clogging your downspouts and damaging your home. At Rain Technologies we employ a four-step system to protect your gutters. First, we inspect the condition of your gutters, reporting any shortcomings and recommending repairs if needed. Even new gutters can sometimes be sloped wrong or lack enough downspouts to properly drain the system. Next, your gutters are cleaned and the downspouts flushed. Then, our patented RainTube® system is installed. The porous RainTube® fills the gutter allowing water to flow freely through the system while minimizing clogging debris. Leaves and debris are held up high above the gutter where they quickly dry and are lifted away by a gentle breeze. Fourth, we regularly follow-up with you to make sure everything is working well.

What happens to small debris and grit?

The patented RainTube® technology prevents large debris such as leaves, pine needles, birds, 
and rodents from entering. Tiny particles such as dust, fine seeds and roof grit may still enter, but with proper sloping and drainage these particles will remain in the water and flush out through the downspouts. In heavy rain the unique RainTube® design also creates a bubbling, agitating action at the bottom of the gutter that help sweeps small debris away and washes it out, keeping the gutter clean and flowing. This action can be easily seen at home shows with our wet-display roof demonstration using a clear acrylic gutter. Also, the RainTube® is easily removed to inspect the condition and cleanliness of the gutter or to repair a damaged section.

Why is RainTube® the sensible solution for me?

Because protecting your gutters is so important, we designed the RainTube® system to not only provide the best gutter protection available but to also be affordable to nearly any home or property owner. The professionally installed RainTube® system gives you the most effective gutter protection at the lowest price on the market.

How can RainTube® be effective yet so inexpensive?

Our simple, straightforward, patented technology allows technicians to complete high quality installations quickly with fewer tools and equipment. The RainTube® system is a superior solution based on simple, understandable science. It prevents your downspouts from clogging and maximizes the capacity of the gutter to carry torrential rainfall runoff. Your roof is not disturbed—in fact, there are no holes or fasteners placed in your home's roof, fascia or gutters. This means we can provide and install the RainTube® system for a small fraction of the cost of other, more complicated protection devices. Plus, if repair or service is ever needed, the system is easily and quickly removed and re-installed—no fuss, muss, or damage. The bottom line: RainTube® passes its savings on to you.

Is there a guarantee?

We warrant to the original consumer purchaser that the RainTube® system will be free of defects due 
to faulty material or manufacture for as long as you own the home—under normal use and maintenance, and normal exposure to sunlight, temperature, and other natural elements. In addition, we warrant that RainTube®, when properly installed and maintained, will prevent your downspouts from clogging. It is the responsibility of the installing dealer to assure that the RainTube® system has been properly installed in your home and is performing as designed. At the time of installation the gutter and downspouts must be thoroughly cleaned; gutters properly aligned, flashed, and sloped, with downspouts located at least every 30 feet, and with all other protective screens removed at the time of installation. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide the minimal maintenance required including removal of loose debris from the roof and top of the system before it has an opportunity to break down and decompose. Periodic removal of debris from the roof is usually all the maintenance the RainTube® system requires

Can you help keep the rest of my roof free of debris?

In areas with mature trees, unwanted debris can sometimes build up on your roof and it is important to remove it before it has a chance to break down and decompose or act as a water bridge over the top of the gutter system. RainTube® does a great job protecting gutters and its unique shape also helps make cleaning your roof a breeze. 

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