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        Our Service

        Providing green non toxic eco friendly pest control.

        We utilize several lines of all-natural and organic products that are proven to be both effective 
        and eco friendly to people and pets. We are proud to offer an organic alternative to our customers.

        Integrated Pest Management

        Our professional technicians will consult you on existing pest problems, survey housekeeping and 
        sanitation conditions and make recommendations. This is part of what our industry calls Integrated 
        Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a pest control strategy that uses a variety of complementary strategies 
        including: mechanical and physical devices, biological, cultural management, and solution management. 
        IPM also requires the customer to follow the pest management professional's recommendations to ensure 
        more effective control.

        Cost-Effective Service

        We guarantee you the most efficient and cost effective solutions to insure that you are pest free.

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