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               Nextec-Energy Recycling System

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Nextec Technology is the new, cutting edge, revolutionary, industry tested, and proven concept of electrical power generation, energy efficiency, and conservation.

Nextec effectively and optimally solves the alarming problem of the constantly increasing costs of electricity brought about by the widening imbalance and gap between power supply and consumer demand.

Nextec Systems Solution

Nextec is a power saving and efficiency optimization technology that recycles electricity – making “used” (“wasted”) electricity “useful” in the form of “new self-generated” electrical energy.

The technology recycles reactive energy, which is produced in a conventional alternating current cycle, and turns it into usable electricity, BEFORE the transformation of such reactive energy into active energy. Nextec technology is able to recover the electrical energy AFTER the work has been produced.

The Only NON Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Converter in the Entire World Today that Generates Real Alternating Current without using Transformers or Filters!

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Nextec System Explained

Essentially, this process of power recycling completed by the Nextec electronically, involves capturing the reactive charges through a patented microchip circuitry, and then storing them in a battery bank. The batteries then send the stored DC energy back to the Nextec converter where it is converted again into AC energy for use by any load.

When AC energy is delivered to a load in a facility,  much of that energy is used to produce light and to turn motors (Active Energy). But another portion of the energy (Reactive) in the load circuit, which is produced by the motors and other inductive elements in the load itself, remains in the circuit without being used. Unless it is eliminated, it simply flows around in the circuit and becomes a costly load on the generator.

Nextec is the only technology in the world to date that captures and recycles this reactive energy and turns it into usable electricity. As a result, the Nextec delivers both the solutions for energy savings and the power optimization that explains the over 30% in monthly power bill savings.

Nextec System On Grid

The Nextec main unit is fed Direct Current (DC) energy by the charger and/or batteries, then converts the DC to Alternating Current (AC).

 The Charger maintains batteries at full charge while utility power is available, and while such utility power is available, the Nextec charger converts AC, feeding the main Ortronic unit and simultaneously charging batteries.

The facilities are connected to the Utility Grid through the Nextec System.

Nextec System For Off-Grid/Off Generator Electricity

In a 100% Off Grid facility that depends on generator, Nextec automatically starts that generator – which is 3 to 5 hours out of every 24 hours.

Nextec controls the battery discharge level, delivering a starting signal to the generator for battery recharge when the batteries reach 60% of their capacity,

 Nextec takes direct current from batteries (and from the charger when the generator is activated), turning it into alternating current.


Nextec System Benefits:

• Recovers waste electricity and generates via electronic means, real alternating current (AC) without 
  transformers   nor filters – Ultra Bill Savings!

• Delivers the highest efficiency performance converter on the basis of load power. Nextec CONSISTENTLY     
  performs at 95% to 97%, while other converters perform from 50% to 90% only. Maximum Performance!

• Eliminates the need for costly output transformers. By using batteries, the Nextec charges the electrical   
  warehouse from the generator without needing a transformer. Hardware Savings!

• By eliminating the brake forces in 3-Phase situations, generators in star connections do NOT lose an average 
  of 22% of their total power when the voltage between phases is used. Optimum Efficiency!

• By using Nextec, motors do not decrease their Power Factor (PF) even if the motor performance decreases 
  due to low mechanical load. Optimized Motor Efficiency!

• As Nextec does NOT use transformers NOR filters in the generation of alternating current (AC), it can generate  
  real alternating current of up to 20,000 cycles per second, which would be equivalent to 900,000 revolutions per  
  minute. The highest frequency precision in motor speed control in terms of 20 microseconds per cycle or 
  0.001% is delivered by

• In the field of renewable and alternative energy, Nextec optimizes the performance of Asynchronous Turbines  
  which make much better use of wind energy than do synchronous turbines by rectifying the current of the wind 
  turbine and enabling it to generate its own frequency with an accuracy of 0.001% -- therefore rendering   
  irrelevant the frequency of the wind turbine.

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