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        Ozone Laundry System

Ozone laundry machine systems and industrial commercial ozone laundry machines.

Ozone Laundry Support System is a Stand Alone, Non Invasive ozone laundry system that requires little interaction from either your laundry staff or management. The OLSS is built on a platform that provides:

* Safe delivery of Ozone to washer
* True Cold Water Washing
* Average Installation time of 2 hours per washer
* Guaranteed compatibility and savings or you Don't Pay!
* Flexibility of design: laundries with 200-20,000 lbs a day
* Guaranteed Return On Investment
* Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Savings:

--- Cold water washing  --- 95-100% reduction in natural gas.
--- reducing water used to wash by as much as 35%
--- cutting your dryer time as much as

The OLSS™ is a true plug and play transparent system designed with one concept in mind - that the laundry operator notices cleaner and brighter linens but done completely in cold water.

Ozone Laundry

Additional Savings:

--- increase your linen life
--- reduce labor costs
--- reduce chemical costs
--- 100% money back guaranteed
--- five year parts and labor warranty
--- finance at 0% interest
--- dramatically lessen your carbon footprint. (save $ and the world!)



Ozone Laundry Support System is a fully automatic, flow controlled, oxygen supported, noninvasive system. It is designed to reduce water and sewer usage, energy demand and eliminate the need for some harsh chemicals. All components are selected on the basis of quality, reliability and energy efficiency. The Passive Injection Technology is an on demand system that has and estimated life expectancy of fifteen years. All systems comes with a  5-year factory parts and labor warranty. It is wall mounted for ease of installation which requires minimal operator training and maintenance.

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