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        Monozone - Ozone Generator

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Ozone generators

Monozone ozone generators use ultraviolet technology that effectively destroys airborne bacteria, mold and viruses in the air. They also remove smoke and other strong odors.

Monozone ozone generators utilize STER-L-RAY germicidal lamps. 

Special Features:

Germicidal Lamps Genuine STER-L-RAY Ultraviolet Germicidal Ozone Producing Lamps provide the utmost    in quality, sustained high output and long life.

Steadfast™ Lampholders are spring loaded telescopic type that facilitate convenient, easy lamp change that is quick and hassle-free.

Interlock Safety Switch
The interlock safety switch is a standard feature that disconnects power to the unit when the access panel is removed for lamp or filter replacement.

Standard Wall Mount Kit
Consists of (2) pre-drilled stainless steel brackets. Brackets enable unit to be mounted to wall in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Louvered Exhaust Panel
Protects the room’s occupants from ultraviolet exposure by restricting ultraviolet radiation from passing into the room. Generator should be used in unoccupied area.

Observation Port(s)
  A visible glow through the clear sight glass provides positive indication of germicidal 
lamp operation.

Stainless Steel Construction
The chamber is Type 304 stainless steel for an attractive finish, unparalleled strength and durability.

Particulate Filter -
Washable Electrostatic Filter

Monozone™ Ozone Generator Principal of Operation


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