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Providing green eco friendly lawn care service.

Using clean electric and bio-diesel powered lawn equipment that is run 
on renewable energy. The electric equipment is charged during the day 
by solar panels mounted on the service trucks.

Because its electric, the equipment is quiet. The Department of Interiorís 
Green Seal estimates electric mowers cut noise emissions by 50-75%.


Blowing & Clean Up
Additional Services

Fall Clean
Spring Clean
Irrigation Maintenance

Why Choose Eco Friendly Lawn Care

Electric equipment powered by renewable energy
Emissions are reduced to zero when running on  renewable energy
Electric equipment is 50% to 70 % quieter than gas powered lawn equipment
Electric equipment is charged using solar panels
Larger mowers are run on bio-fuels 

        Cost-Effective Service

        We guarantee you the most efficient and cost effective lawn care solutions. 

        Note: Rates are based on lawn size and location

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