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        HY-SAVE Liquid Pressure Amplification

Energy saving refrigeration systems using liquid pressure amplification.

HY-SAVE technology enables companies to reduce electrical energy consumption and control operating costs – the keys to increasing refrigeration energy efficiency. The formation of vapor or “flash gas” is 
the primary cause of refrigeration system inefficiency. Traditional cooling systems still use elevated head pressures to control flash gas formation; an energy inefficient approach with significant repair downtime risks.

HY-SAVE refrigeration systems utilize a specially developed liquid delivery system to counteract flash gas ensuring that quality refrigerant reaches the expansion valves regardless of operating system pressures.

Food stores, supermarkets and warehouses have discovered that HY-SAVE'S free cooling liquid delivery pumps (LPA's) can significantly increase the energy efficiency and capacity of conventional refrigeration systems. LPAs can deliver refrigerant up to 40 times more efficiently than compressors.

Innovative HY-SAVE refrigeration technology changes the dynamics of a refrigeration system, allowing a system to be designed for unprecedented operating efficiency. The compressors no longer need to work hard to maintain head pressures which can now be "floated" with the ambient air temperatures.

The days of the fixed elevated head pressures are fading. No longer are consumers willing to pay for inefficiencies. Today's market demands efficiency. Customers are looking at life cycle costs - equipment costs plus the operational costs for the life of the equipment.

The amount of savings would depend on your geographic location. The cooler the climate the more you would save. Delivering cooler refrigerant liquid to your cooling coils is more efficient than the compressors at higher temperatures to do the same amount of work. Because HY-SAVE technology changes the dynamics of the refrigeration cycle, it opens way for greater system flexibility including opportunities for:

Free cooling systems Dehumidification systems
Floating head pressure systems Cool gas defrost systems
Compressor discharge desuperheating Thermal storage systems
Liquid refrigerant delivery systems Two phase liquid cooling systems

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