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       We provide green custom printing and eco custom printing on cups, mugs, napkins and cup grips for 
       restaurant supplies, hotel supplies, and the hospitality industry. We also supply personalized printing 
       for wedding events, media agencies, sports arenas, resorts, and more. We are proud to showcase a 
       wide variety of personalized custom printing services.

Printed Cold Cups

Brand your business with printed cold cups. Our corn plastic cold cups make 
perfect drink cups.  Made from 100% corn (NatureWorks PLA), corn plastic cups have the same look and feel as petroleum-based plastic cups. Excellent for iced coffee, beer and other cold beverages. Corn cups are the future of the industry 
and help your business differentiate itself from every other company out there.  
Show your concern for the environment with these 100% compostable cups

Printed Hot Cups

Custom printed hot cups are a great way to promote your business. Our custom printed paper hot cups are one of the only fully compostable paper hot cups on 
the market today.  Made using a compostable plastic lining, our hot cups are 
fully compostable. Have your logo printed on our hot cups to give your business personalized cups. There's no easier way to market your business than through printed cups! Dependable, strong, and exactly what you need to help make your       shop more green.

Printed Coffee Mugs

Custom printed coffee mugs are a great way to promote your company. Our 
custom coffee mugs are made from a renewable resource - 100% U.S. corn 
plastic.  Microwave safe and environmentally-friendly, these coffee mugs are made from corn, not petroleum like traditional plastic coffee mugs. Have your logo printed on the mugs to give your business personalized coffee mugs. These are the most unique coffee mugs on the market.

Printed Napkins

Our professional quality-printed napkins are perfect for virtually any hospitality-
related application. Napkins are from recycled resources with soy ink printing.           One-ply, two-ply, and three-ply paper napkins in many colors. Different sized             napkins including cocktail napkins, beverage napkins, luncheon napkins, and 
dinner napkins

Printed Grips

Our custom printed Grips are 100% recyclable and 100% compostable. They 
come in white or kraft (unbleached brown) color.  Sleeves are a cost effective 
way to market and brand your company because they fit 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz 
hot cups and are an affordable alternative. Print your logo on them and they 
become an affordable way to market your business.

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