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               Green Planet Paints - Zero VOC Non-Toxic Paints and Primer

Zero VOC paint, non toxic paint and zero VOC primer 

Green Planet Paints® presents its new premium line of high-performance interior paints. Combining the rich complexity of mineral pigments with leading edge plant chemistry. Green Planet Paints® has taken earth friendly paint to a whole new level. The result is a truly sustainable paint that is tough, easy to apply and a pleasure to the senses. 

Green Planet Paints® are fundamentally unique. While there are many zero VOC paints on the market today, Green Planet Paints® are the first to move beyond petroleum toward a truly sustainable paint based on plant resins and mineral pigments.

Most paint companies, in attempting to “green” their paints, have focused on the human health aspects, removing particular additives so as to meet low and zero VOC criteria established by the EPA.Yet their paints are still petroleum-based, with pigment, binder and additive remaining synthetic.

Hand painted fan decks and color cards are available.

  • Two vibrant finishes: Flat and Eggshell
  • Renaissance Palette:  
  • 48 mineral and clay based colors 
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Rugged Durability
  • Zero VOC
  • Easy Application
  • Up to 4 LEED Points

Color Palettes

Fan decks and color cards are hand painted so that you can see and feel the actual 
color and surface of the paint.

              MSDS Premium Flat               Technical Data Sheet Flat
              MSDS Premium Eggshell               Technical Data Sheet Eggshell 
              MSDS Premium Primer               Technical Data Sheet Primer 

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