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        Green Entrance Floor Mats

The US Green Building Council developed a rating system for new and existing buildings to encourage building owners and property management firms to earn credit     for meeting certain housekeeping criteria. Strategies include entrance floor mats that prevent particles from entering the building. Recommendations include a minimum of  6-10 feet of any combination of recessed matting, logo floor mats, or quality entrance floor mats, depending on what LEED rating system you are using. The key of any successful entrance floor mat system is the prevention of contaminants from entering a building. In fact, according to a study conducted by ISSA, up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in through a 20-day work period. Installing an effective entrance floor mat system can stop 90 percent of dirt from entering the building. It is a given that 85 percent of all this soil enters a building on the feet of people coming into the building.

First Steps in Creating an Entrance Floor Mat System

When tailoring a Green Entrance Floor Mat System, think feet! Actually think walking, not wiping. Most people 
do not wipe their feet, so custom floor matting needs to be extra long to enable enough walk surface to remove maximum soil. Since longer is better consider adding logo floor mats to enhance the lobby decor while preventing moisture and capturing particles from invading the building.

Selecting the Right Entrance Floor Mat

Performance of floor matting is the number one issue for a Green Building. An entrance floor matting system is the first line of defense against contaminants and particles from entering the building. Here are the key factors for green entrance floor mats.

1. Stop soil and moisture.    
2. Store soil/dirt and water for removal    
3. Minimize tracking of stored soil and moisture into the building.      
4. Comply with ADA requirements is a "must" for high performance entrance floor mats.

The best performing entrance mats provide a safe, effective, and attractive surface. Adding the name of the building, a company logo to your floor mat, or address. Our custom logo entrance mats will give your building entrance a distinctive feel when you enter the building.

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