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green partners
       In recognition, these organizations have teamed up with Green Planet to expand awareness through green events.  

       Leading the way to help preserve the environment, they have shown how we can all do our part and make a difference. 


Air Liquide Foundation - Initiatives that help preserve the Environment

Air Liquide - Sustainable Development


The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is going Green

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma


North Texas Clean Air Coalition - Working to encourage clean air programs to improve air quality

Get Involved

Frito Lay - Our Planet

Chip in for Change



City of Garland - Goes Green

Green 101 Classes


City of Irving - Think Green... Be Green

Green Educational Opportunities  


Environmental Sustainability

Committed to Reducing the Carbon Footprint


Sabre Holdings - Environmental Sustainability

World Usability Day


Smart - Electric Drive

Smart - Car Information North Texas  



Warner Music Group - Dedicated to the cause of environmental change since 2004

Big Kenny's - Green CD

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