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         Desiccant Filters - Walk In Freezer & Freezer Cases


Humidity filters for walk in freezers and freezer case rack units.

Desiccant filter panels are highly effective in controlling moisture build-up and humidity, causing compressors to run more efficiently thus saving energy without any mechanical means.

Freezer control panels use a unique blend of minerals to remove moisture and ice build up from freezer interiors caused by excessive humidity.

Desiccant filter panels are easily installed into existing and new walk-in and merchandise freezers.

Desiccant filter panels are low in profile and installed out of the way of merchandise.
Custom made designs are also available.

For Air Conditioning Desiccant filters: Click Here

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Benefits of Desiccant Filters

-Stay compliant with HACCP and USDA                  -Reduces the spread of harmful bacteria
-Reduces defrost cycles by up to 50%                     -Reduces transfer of odors
-Increases life of compressor motors                        -Absorbs up to 48% of itís weight in humidity
-Saves electricity by decreasing usage                     -Lowers temperature of frozen enclosures

Desiccant Filter Test


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