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        Eco Food Bags & Wrap Liners

Eco friendly recycled food bags and food wrap liners

Ecocraft Sandwich Bag

Less mess with grease-resistant paper. Hot or cold applications 
and microwaveable. Easy to eat convenience for single portions.

61/2'' x 1'' x 8'', #25, Natural Kraft 2000/cs.

Eco-Loc Freezer Paper

Eco-Loc regular weight natural freezer paper. 
Chlorine-free pulp, printed, 100% recycled.

18'' x 1100', Natural 1/cs.



Ecocraft Interfold Sheets

Excellent moisture barrier with soy wax blend. Quick sanitary pick-up and handling. Separates assorted baked and deli goods. Easy release fresh or frozen.

6'' x 103/4'', Natural Kraft 10/1000/cs.
8'' x 103/4'', Natural Kraft 12/500/cs.
10'' x 103/4'', Natural Kraft 12/500/cs.
12'' x 103/4'', Natural Kraft 12/500/cs.

Ecocraft Deli Wrap


Grease-resistant multi-purpose sandwich wrap/basket liner. Hot or cold applications and microwaveable. Easy to eat convenience for single portions.

12'' x 12'', Natural Kraft 5/1000/cs.
15'' x 16'', Natural Kraft 3/1000/cs.

Premium Dual-Layer film

Environmentally conscious multi-purpose meat, deli and produce films 
for packer processing and in-store wrapping. Twice the proven fresh food protective benefits of PVC food film. Increased strength, stretch, puncture resistance and smart memory for package handling. Increased productivity  with extended roll lengths for fewer changeovers and trimmed roll edges for smooth runs down to the core. Economical material costs. Innovative dual-layer film that uses less material than conventional single-layer films. More renewable materials and energy efficient production than other plastics.

15'' x 5000', Clear 1/Roll
17'' x 5000', Clear 1/Roll
18'' x 5000', Clear 1/Roll
19'' x 5000', Clear 1/Roll

Eco-Bake Pan Liner

Comparable to a silicone grease-proof baking sheet but without the 
chromium. It is manufactured from chlorine-free pulp and approved for 
standard waste disposal. The liners have excellent heat retention for
baking of high moisture items and can be used at temperatures up 
to 425F. Chlorine-free pulp, printed, 100% recycled.

163/8'' x 243/8'', Medium Temperature 1000/cs.

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