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         EoleWater - Wind to Water and Energy


Wind water turbine producing water and power.

This system produces water and electricity by using wind power.

Water production systems energized by wind. This process allows 
the production of natural water based on air condensation, without impacting the environment. These wind turbines are designed to 
produce water for more than 15 years and are fully recyclable.

This one of a kind technology is based on 10 years of research 
and development, reaching a high level of performance and reliability.

Water is a resource necessary for life. Till today, too many people 
do not have access to drinking water.

Water and Power Specs:
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How It Works

The Earths atmosphere is full of humidity. It is a very important capacity of natural water: 13000km3
EoleWater only uses wind power to liquefy the air steam. Water is extracted from the steam.

A phenomenon equivalent to rain is created inside the wind turbine.
Wind is the only resource. The system is COČ rejection free.


Using the most advanced technologies to optimize performance for the production of water and electricity.


Patent: WO2007/063208A1

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