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        EFP-Floor & Carpet Cleaner

Non toxic eco friendly floor and carpet cleaner

You have never seen environmental standards like this before, with power and performance that will astound 
you. These products are made from natural organic plants and renewable minerals.100% sustainable, plant
based cleaning products.

Floor Kleener™

Floor Kleener™ Hardwood & Hard Surface Floor Cleaner & Polisher

Hard surface floors shine with a non-stripping, slip-resistant finish. Developed for versatility. Use on any hard floor surface including tile, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, or laminates. Removes grease, dirt, and even tough scuff marks. Simply spray and wipe with cloth or microfiber mop.

Ingredients: Lemon essential oil, coconut-based surfactant, vinegar, ethanol (corn-derived), purified water.

32 oz. spray
-1 gallon
-5 gallon 
-55 gallon drum



Alpha™ Floor Finish (Zinc-Free)

Alpha™ Floor Finish (Zinc-Free)

Replace cross-linked metallic floor finishes with this zinc-free, neutral 
pH, high-performing finish. Fast drying formulation requires just 15 
minutes between coats for a non-yellowing, slip-resistant finish. It 
contains no heavy metals that can be harmful to waste water and 
delivers a 25% solid finish. Produces durable gloss finish that can 
be rebuffed to maintain luster.

Ingredients: Water, DEG-ethyl ether

-1 gallon
-5 gallon 
-55 gallon drum

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Shampoo Concentrate with Bergamot and Sage (1:80)

Made with 100% replenishable ingredients, will naturally remove dirt, debris, body oil, and allergens. Leaves little to no residue so it resists re-soiling. Neutral pH formulation is safe for use on nylon, wool, olefin, 
and most water-safe carpet fibers. Restores luster and texture while leaving a fresh, natural scent. For use with hot or cold water extraction, steam, or bonnet cleaning. Can also be used as a spot cleaner or for water-safe upholstery.

Ingredients: Bergamot & sage, purified water, sodium citrate, xantham gum, biodegradable low foam surfactant.

-1 gallon
-5 gallon 
-55 gallon drum

Fibermate Rug Deodorizer

Fibermate Rug Deodorizer - Citrus Orange

superb rug-deodorizing powder. Absorbs smells and odors Vacuums 
up thoroughly. Eliminates static electricity as it removes odors. Use 
on rugs, carpets & upholstery.

Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, orange oil, sodium bicarbonate.

-1.5 lb. shakers
-5o lb. fiber drum
-100 lb. fiber drum

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