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        What we do
        Energy and gas saving evaluations for your company or business with energy saving solutions.
        Green Planet Company is the #1 sales, service and installation choice for providing energy and gas 
        related products and services to customers. We offer solutions by providing innovative products, and 
        services at competitive prices to best meet our clients needs.  
        We work with our clients to set objectives that meet the specific needs within their budget while also 
        providing cost savings by incorporating energy saving products for a more energy efficient business.


Below is a list of the things we evaluate and consult on in your business:

-Power Factor
         -Power Generation
         -Backup Power
         -Humidity Control
         -Surge Protection
         -Lighting Retrofit
         -Chiller Optimization
         -HVAC Optimization
         -Gas Consumption
         -Refrigeration Optimization
         -Energy Cost Reduction
         -Business Energy Service
         -Energy Consumption and Cost Survey
         -Carbon Credit and RECS Implementation

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