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               NemAttack™ - NemaSeek™ Beneficial Nematodes Combo

Garden Size

Treat about 3,200 sq. ft


Farm Size
Treat 1/2 to 1 full acre



Ranch Size
Treat about 10 acres


Select Size















Attacks Passing Pests Larvae! Nematodes, a natural pest control actively seeks out pests larvae. It is adapted to northern states and prefers sand or disturbed soils. NemAttack™ is most effective against mobile pests, such as cutworm, sod webworm, termites and more!

What Are Beneficial Nematodes and How Do They Work?
Beneficial Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. Inside the nematode's gut is the real weapon — symbiotic bacteria that when released inside an insect kill it within 24 to 48 hours. The nematodes enter the larvae via the mouth, anus, respiratory openings, or directly through the body wall of the pest. The nematodes then eject their symbiotic bacteria inside the pest's body. The bacteria multiply and cause blood poisoning of the pest, leading to death. 
The bacteria also convert host tissue into nutritive products, which can easily be taken up by nematodes. Inside the dead insect, the nematodes feed and multiply. As the food resources within the dead pest become scarce, the nematodes will exit the dead insect and immediately start searching for a new host.

They also work with the
RID System to eliminate harmful pests from your yard. 
The contents are mixed with water and distributed by your lawn sprinklers.


How are Nematodes Shipped?
Nematodes are shipped in an easily dissolved clay formulation that you mix with water. The solution can be applied using a watering can, hose end sprayer, backpack or pump sprayer or through irrigation or misting systems. 2 Day shipping required for delivery.

When Should They Be Released?
Release early in the morning or pre-dusk when temperatures are cooler and the sun is not so bright.

Should The Soil Be Moist After The Nematode Application?
The soil should be moist at time of application and lightly watered immediately after application. After application, regular watering of the treated area will provide sufficient moisture. Generally speaking, water every 3-4 days if rainfall does not occur.

What's the Application Rate?
The Garden Sizes of NemAttack™ and NemaSeek™ contain 10 million nematodes 
and will effectively treat approximately 3,200 sq. ft. The Farm Sizes contain 50 million nematodes and will effectively treat 1/2 to 1 full acre of treatable surface depending 
upon level of infestation. The Ranch Sizes contain 500 million nematodes and will 
treat approximately 10 acres. It is best to make at least two applications, separated by 
7-10 days in order to stagger the life cycles of the nematodes and to assure complete coverage. In cases of severe infestations, applications should be made every 7-10 days or until infestation subsides.

How Long Can Nematodes Be Kept Before Use?
Beneficial nematodes can be stored in a refrigerator for up to two months (do not freeze!). The best way to store unused portions is to place them in a large shallow storage container and cover with about ˝ inch of water. This is to ensure that they 
do not dry out and that the maximum area is exposed to the air so they can breathe.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?
In general 3-7 days for caterpillars such as cutworms, armyworms, sod sebworms. For grubs and weevils such as Japanese beetle, black vine weevil and billbugs feeding stops within 3 days with maximum control occurring over 2-4 weeks. Nematodes disintegrate the pests from the inside out. You will not see dead insect bodies as you would with a chemical knockdown.

How Often Should Nematodes Be Applied?
Nematodes are recommended for use whenever larvae or grubs are present. Generally, this is during the spring and fall months. Because larvae feed on plant roots, beneath the soil surface, severe damage can be done before realizing there is a problem. Look for signs of an adult insect, such as leaf-notching. If adult insects are present, their eggs will be hatching soon. Keep in mind, one application may not eradicate a population of insects that has become established over a period of years.

Will Nematodes Live Through The Winter?
In general, harsh winter weather in most parts of the country almost guarantees a significant decline in the population of the nematodes. In most cases, nematodes (just like insects) will become dormant during cold weather. Any survivors would be few in number to provide adequate insect control. If your insect pest returns the following year, another application may be necessary.

When Nematodes Are Applied To One Area Will They Move To Other Areas?
Nematodes, due to their microscopic nature have limited range of movement. Generally NemAttack™, our formulations of Steinernema will stay where you put them, but NemaSeek™ (Heterorhabditis) will continue moving through the soil until they find 
a pest to infect.

We make no guarantee of effectiveness due to subjectivity of application. This product is shipped directly from the manufacture. We do not guarantee live nematodes upon arrival due to handling by shipper. We provide telephone backup for customer questions or problems.

Note: Nematodes should not be used together with other pesticides at the same time.   
         Once applied you should wait a few days before applying another natural pesticide

         If you have questions feel free to call us for more information on how to use them. 
         1-888-594-8261 or 972-735-9719

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