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      Our Green Cleaning

      Green non toxic commercial and industrial janitorial custodial cleaning services.  

      With a custom cleaning plan, we'll meet your every need, as well as your budget.
      Our high quality staff insures your satisfaction. Using the best non-toxic eco cleaning 
      products we keep your facility and the environment clean and safe. With high level 
      supervision and communication we offer flexible daily, weekly and monthly service 
      schedules. We also staff Trade Industrial Preparation Class (TIECP) through high 
      school work programs

      Our Services
-Window Cleaning Services
      -Restaurant Cleaning Services
      -Retail Store Cleaning Services
      -Industrial Cleaning Services
      -Corporate Custodial Services
      -Carpet Care: Steam cleaning, bonnet dry cleaning, no residue
Floor Care: Buffing, strip and wax, marble, ceramic, tile, all vinyl floors
Medical Disinfecting and Fogging Services
      -Power Washing: Building washing, Docks and Dock doors, Parking lots, concrete cleaning 
      -Commercial Signs
      -Trucking washing (Fleet Services)

      100% Eco-Friendly non toxic cleaning products
      MSDS Sheets are provided on all cleaning products

      We also offer several recycling programs!
Schools Corporate Offices Industrial
      We Provide Paper Pick-up Daily, Weekly and Monthly
      We provide paper bins at no additional cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my cleaning cost?
      Our cleaning bids are based on areas cleaned only not square footage. Floor service is based 
      on actual square footage of cleaning areas only.

      Who will be doing my cleaning?
      A trained cleaning professional will be permanently assigned to your facility based on cleaning 
      merits. Only the best qualified and experienced technician will be servicing your facility.

      Who will have my keys?
      The cleaning supervisor will only have access and possession of the keys to your facility.

      Are you properly insured?
      Our service providers are fully insured with commercial general liability insurance and janitorial bond.

      What are the cleaning hours?
      We clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      What is your response time?
      Service response time of one hour to handle any and every problem the customer may have. 

      How do I pay for my cleaning?
      One time cleans are due upon receipt. Bi-weekly and monthly cleaning contracts will be billed 
      on the 15th of each month and due on the 1st of the following month after service is rendered.

      No long-term contract
      Our Service contracts are bi-weekly and monthly contracts. Our contracts are open-end and are 
      tailored to meet the customer's specifications and also can be cancelled with a 30-day certified 
      written notice from the customer.

      Contact us for your free quote today!
      Call us 888-594-8261 or
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