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        BioLogic® - Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

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Ultraviolet light water purifiers

Bio-Logic® Ultraviolet Purifiers utilize germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produces short wave radiation lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present 
in water. Economical and safe, the Bio-Logic® Ultraviolet Purifier offers rapid water treatment without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals - often for the lowest cost available by any means. Bio-Logic®
ultraviolet water purifiers produce 1.5 gallons per minute of purified drinking water.

Special Features:

The Bio-Logic® chamber is constructed of type 316 stainless 
steel and is electro polished and passivity for an attractive finish 
and dependable service.

Dual Heads
Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, heads may be removed 
and rotated and individually oriented for versatility during installation.

Quick Lamp Change
Exclusive Easy-Off™ Retainer Cap enables effortless lamp 
replacement without shut down of water pressure or drainage of tank. 
No tools required.

Fused Quartz Sleeve
Insures optimum lamp output at normal potable water temperature.

Applications include: point of use installation under the sink on the 
cold water line; recreational vehicles; vans; boats; ponds; aquariums; 
ice makers and water vending machines etc.


Flow Rate 1.5 gpm
Maximum PSI 125
Voltage 120v 60Hz 220v 50/60Hz 12v DC
Current .24 amps .125 amps 1.27amps
Power Consumption 14 watts
Inlet/Outlet Size 3/8" Female NPT
Unit Dimensions 14-1/2"(L) x 3-11/16"(W) x 3-7/8"(H)
Lamp Model Number GPH287T5L/4

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