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         Big Kenny's - Green CD

Big Kenny's CD Coming To A
Flower Pot Near You!

This special packaging is the first of its kind, low grow wildflower seeds are
encapsulated into the CD sleeve, allowing each case to be planted in the ground
to spread the love all around! Within 2-3 weeks flowers should germinate and your
your music should bloom!

Plus if you accidentally drop it on the ground - it is totally biodegradable.

Big Kenny - (from Big & Rich) 
The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm Boy

Link for more info:

Big Kenny demonstrates the packaging: Click Here

Warner Music Group - Green Initiatives 

A recognized industry leader for its environmental initiatives, Warner Music Group - in partnership with leading environmental advocacy organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and NativeEnergy - has dedicated itself to the cause of environmental change since 2004. In 2009, WMGs U.S. sales and retail marketing company, WEA Corp., won the inaugural Green Award for Environmental Responsibility at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers Convention. WMG is currently engaged in a company-wide campaign to:

-Convert CD/DVD products to environmentally-friendly packaging; 
-Practice ecologically superior paper procurement; 
-Reduce waste; 
-Enhance recycling; 
-Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset its carbon footprint ; 
and "Green" its large-scale corporate events.

Waste Reduction, Recycling and Ecologically Superior Paper Practices
WMG has implemented ecologically responsible and efficient paper practices across all of its labels and business units in the United States, including enhanced recycled paper procurement, paper reduction,wastepaper recycling efforts and the conversion of a significant portion of its materials to electronic format, rather than paper. Over the past year, the company's extensive nationwide waste reduction and recycling program has helped save nearly 4,000,000 pounds of solid waste.

Warner Music Group Announces Environmental Initiative at Post-Grammy Event

Warner Music Group Announces Industry-Leading Efforts on Ecologically-Superior Packaging & Global Warming

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